What Is The Full Form Of Step?

What STEP stands for?

Short Term English Proficiency.


Simulation, Training, and Exercise Platform.


Skills Training and Employment Placement (program).

What is the full form of LPN?

An LPN is a nurse who is trained to provide patients with basic care under the supervision of a doctor or a registered nurse. LPN is an abbreviation for ‘licensed practical nurse. ‘ [US]

What is another name for step?

What is another word for step?footsteppacestridesteppingfootmarkfootprintvestigeimpressiontreadfootfall4 more rows

What do you call step by step?

Words Related to step-by-step. progressive, stepped, tapered.

Is process and steps same?

A procedure is a synonym for a task, but a process is an upper level series of major steps, with those major steps being procedures or tasks. Tasks are made up of actions or steps. Another way of putting it is that a process is a sequence of tasks. …

What does step mean in school?

Student Transition and Educational PlanningStudent Transition and Educational Planning. Educational abbreviations. STEP. Student Transition Education Program. Educational abbreviations.

What is the full form of use?

Usefulness, Satisfaction, and Ease. Business » General Business — and more… Rate it: USE.

What does slept stand for?

Social, Legal, Environmental, Political, and TechnologicalDefinition of SLEPT SLEPT stands for Social, Legal, Environmental, Political, and Technological. Each of these categories includes important external factors that will impact the strategic direction of a company.

What is full form of A to Z?

AcronymFull FormGo To Second Page( J – Z )ABAllahabad BankABAndhra BankABARSAutomobile Backward Automatic Ranging System238 more rows•Apr 29, 2019

What is full form of YouTube?

YouTube is a free video-sharing website owned by Google. The name “YouTube” is said to be derived from “You” which means you (from the fact that the video came from you) and “Tube” means television (cathode ray tube). Suggest new YouTube Full Form. Reference: https://www.youtube.com/

What type of word is step?

verb (used without object), stepped, step·ping. to move, go, etc., by lifting the foot and setting it down again in a new position, or by using the feet alternately in this manner: to step forward.