What Are The 4 Main Areas Of Science?

What are the five areas of science?

Terms in this set (5)Chemistry.

The study of the properties of matter and how matter changes.Physics.

study of matter and energy and the interactions between the two through forces and motion.Geology.

study of the structure of the earth.astronomy.

the study of the universe.Biology.

The study of life..

What are the main types of science?

The natural taxonomy of the empirical sciences would break the sciences down into three basic groups: the physical sciences (physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology, metallurgy), the biological sciences (zoology, botany, genetics, paleontology, molecular biology, physiology), and the psychological sciences (psychology, …

What are the main branches and subbranches of science?

Branches of SciencePhysical sciencesLife sciencesPhysics Kinetics Mechanics Electromagnetics ThermodynamicsBiology Botany ZoologyChemistry Inorganic Chemistry Electrochemistry Analytical ChemistryExamples of Overlapping SciencesPhysics + Chemistry = Physical ChemistryBiology + Chemistry = Biochemistry Organic Chemistry2 more rows

What are the 3 major branches of earth science?

Earth science is made of many branches of knowledge concerning all aspects of the Earth system. The main branches are geology, meteorology, climatology, oceanography, and environmental science.

What are the 15 branches of science?

Terms in this set (14)Oceanology. The study of oceans.genetics. The study of heredity and DNA.Physics. The study of motion and force.zoology. The study of animals.Astronomy. The study of stars.Marine biology. The study of plants and animals that live in the ocean.botany. The study of plants.geology.More items…

What are the 20 branches of science?

20 branches of science and their meaningOceanography: ocean observation and study.Paleontology: the study of the life forms in ancient or geological periods.Botany: plant science.Zoology: the understanding of life and animals.Genetics: heredity studies.Medicine: the study of illness , disease and accident detection, recovery and prevention.More items…•