Quick Answer: Who Is A Philosophical Person?

What is a philosophical person?


a person who offers views or theories on profound questions in ethics, metaphysics, logic, and other related fields.

a person who is deeply versed in philosophy.

a person who is rationally or sensibly calm, especially under trying circumstances..

What philosopher means?

1a : a person who seeks wisdom or enlightenment : scholar, thinker. b : a student of philosophy. 2a : a person whose philosophical perspective makes meeting trouble with equanimity easier.

What is a philosophical attitude?

2 : characterized by the attitude of a philosopher specifically : calm or unflinching in the face of trouble, defeat, or loss.

Are people who engage in philosophy?

Greek Philosophers? Philosophers- are people who engage in philosophy.

What is an example of philosophy?

Philosophy is a set of ideals, standards or beliefs used to describe behavior and thought. An example of philosophy is Buddhism.

What is philosophy in simple words?

Quite literally, the term “philosophy” means, “love of wisdom.” In a broad sense, philosophy is an activity people undertake when they seek to understand fundamental truths about themselves, the world in which they live, and their relationships to the world and to each other.