Quick Answer: What’S The Opposite Of Process?

What is the opposite of being in control?

Opposite of an authority or command over something or someone.



What is the opposite process of dissolving?

Precipitation is the process of a compound coming out of solution. It is the opposite of dissolution or solvation. In dissolution, the solute particles separate from each other and are surrounded by solvent molecules.

What word is like progress?

progressadvance,advancement,furtherance,going,headway,march,onrush,passage,More items…

What can I say instead of the next step?

next step / synonymsnext phase. n.next stage. n.further step. n.next level. n.next move. n.subsequent step. n.following step. n.next leg. n.More items…

What is another word for department?

Department Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for department?branchdivisionofficebureausectionunitagencyarmsubdivisionsector67 more rows

What is consistent progress?

a (of a set of statements) capable of all being true at the same time or under the same interpretation. b (of a formal system) not permitting the deduction of a contradiction from the axioms.

What is the opposite of making progress?

Opposite of to advance toward success. fail. fall behind. decline. regress.

What’s another word for progress?

SYNONYMS FOR progress 1 advance, progression. 4 increase; betterment. 11 proceed; develop, improve, grow, increase.

How do you say no progress?

To not make progress – thesaurusfalter. verb. to stop being effective or making progress.fall behind. phrasal verb. … not be getting/going anywhere. phrase. … be no further forward. phrase. … tread water. phrase. … stall. verb. … be/get bogged down. phrasal verb. … be getting/going nowhere fast. phrase.More items…

What is the example of progress?

An example of progress is when you are continuing to build a home. Progress is moving forwards towards an end goal, or is making things better or more advanced. An example of progress is getting closer to your destination. An example of progress is the change from land line phones to cell phones.

What’s another word for improved?

Some common synonyms of improve are ameliorate, better, and help. While all these words mean “to make more acceptable or to bring nearer a standard,” improve and better are general and interchangeable and apply to what can be made better whether it is good or bad.