Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Unknowing?

What does unknowing mean?

not aware of what is really happeningEnglish Language Learners Definition of unknowing : not aware of what is really happening..

What do you call something that is obvious?

Some common synonyms of obvious are apparent, clear, distinct, evident, manifest, patent, and plain. While all these words mean “readily perceived or apprehended,” obvious implies such ease in discovering that it often suggests conspicuousness or little need for perspicacity in the observer.

What does Oblivious mean?

1 : lacking remembrance, memory, or mindful attention. 2 : lacking active conscious knowledge or awareness —usually used with of or to.

What does unsuspecting mean?

: unaware of any danger or threat : not suspecting unsuspecting victims.

What is the definition of ingenuous?

1a : showing innocent or childlike simplicity and candidness her ingenuous thirst for experience— Christopher Rawson. b : lacking craft or subtlety ingenuous in their brutality. 2 obsolete : noble, honorable. ingenuous. adjective (2)

What is the meaning of Nescient?

lack of knowledge or awareness: lack of knowledge or awareness : ignorance. Other Words from nescience Synonyms & Antonyms Gain Some Knowledge of Nescience Example Sentences Learn More about nescience.

Is being oblivious a bad thing?

When you’re oblivious, it always gets worse. When you don’t realize all the bad things the other person is up to, you let them get away with anything and everything. … The longer this goes on, the more emboldened this person will become in their cruelty or exploitation.

Is unknowing a real word?

adjective. ignorant or unaware: unknowing aid to the enemy.

What do you call someone who is oblivious?

I personally like the term ignoramus. a person who does not know much : an ignorant or stupid person. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/ignoramus https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ignoramus.

What makes someone oblivious?

If you don’t notice or aren’t aware, it means that the adjective oblivious applies to you! When we think of the adjective oblivious, it is usually in situations that involve being totally unaware of what’s staring us right in the face. It can also mean being forgetful and absent-minded. The cartoon character Mr.