Quick Answer: What Is Another Word For Availability?

What is another way to say 24 7?

Synonyms include round-the-clock service (with/without hyphens), especially in British English, and nonstop service, but the latter can also refer to other things, such as public transport services which go between two stations without stopping..

What is a synonym for availability?

noun. ( əˌveɪləˈbɪləti, əˌveɪləˈbɪlɪti) The quality of being at hand when needed. Synonyms. command inaccessible accessible accessibility available unavailable availableness handiness print unaccessible convenience.

What is another word for Available?

SYNONYMS FOR available 1 accessible, usable, handy.

What does availability mean?

Something with availability is easy to get or to access. If you work at an ice cream shop, the availability of ice cream might make it hard to stick to a diet. The noun availability indicates that something is easily obtainable and ready for use.

What is the plural of availability?

availability (usually uncountable, plural availabilities)

Why availability is important?

If it has the capacity to prevent outages and failures; or if an infrastructure is able to operate its most important functions without interruptions or problems, an enterprise can achieve continuity. If a business aims to achieve a competitive advantage, a high level of availability is essential.

What is the opposite of availability?

Antonyms: unavailability, inaccessibility. Synonyms: availableness, approachability, handiness, accessibility.

What does availability mean in job application?

In terms of interviews, open availability means that your calendar doesn’t have current meeting conflicts and makes it easier for the hiring manager to schedule an interview. In terms of employment, open availability relates to your potential work schedule.

What is considered high availability?

High availability refers to a system or component that is operational without interruption for long periods of time. High availability is measured as a percentage, with a 100% percent system indicating a service that experiences zero downtime. … But four nines uptime is still 52 minutes of downtime per year.

What is the opposite of available?

Antonyms: unavailable, untouchable, inaccessible, unprocurable, nondisposable, out of stock(p), unfree, unobtainable. Synonyms: useable, uncommitted, usable.

What is the synonym and antonym of available?

Synonyms. acquirable procurable getable handiness forthcoming accessible on hand visible for sale availableness addressable easy lendable ready availability purchasable on tap in stock open accessibility obtainable gettable. Antonyms. unavailability inaccessibility unavailable inaccessible inconvenience. Etymology.