Quick Answer: What Does Trepidatiously Mean?

Is trepidation a feeling?

The definition of a trepidation is a trembling movement, fear or nervousness.

An example of trepidation is an anxious feeling before the first day of college..

Is Trepidatiously a word?

Trepidatiously definitions In a trepidatious manner; with trepidation.

Is Trepidacious a word?

The word trepidacious does not technically exist in the English lexicon. The word most closely resembling trepidacious is trepidatious. Here’s a list of synonyms for trepidatious.

Does Trepidatious mean scared?

: a state of alarm or nervousness The boys approached the abandoned house with trepidation.

What does conformant mean?

In accordance with a set of specifications.

Is Bodacious a real word?

Some of our readers may know “bodacious” as a word that figured prominently in the lingo of the 1989 film Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. … The exact origin of the word is uncertain, but it was most likely influenced by “bold” and “audacious,” and it may be linked to “boldacious,” a term from British dialect.

Who did Bodacious the bull kill?

Tuff HedemanBodacious is most well known for his serious injury to bull riding icon Tuff Hedeman. Coincidentally, Hedeman is the only bull rider to win the world champion bull rider title in both associations too. Not long after, Bodacious also seriously injured Scott Breding. His owner, Sammy Andrews, then retired Bodacious.

What does pretentious mean in English?

1 : characterized by pretension: such as. a : making usually unjustified or excessive claims (as of value or standing) the pretentious fraud who assumes a love of culture that is alien to him— Richard Watts.

What does totally bodacious mean?

Bodacious means bold, audacious, and brazen. Sometimes it can mean attractive and sexy as well. The adjective bodacious is probably a blend of the words bold and audacious.

What does audacious mean in English?

1a : intrepidly daring : adventurous an audacious mountain climber. b : recklessly bold : rash an audacious maneuver.

What is the best synonym for trepidation?


How do you spell Trepidacious?

Trepidacious is not a word. adding that “Trepidation, meaning fear or apprehension, is a word, as as trepid (the antonym of the more familiar intrepid), meaning timid or fearful.” (Yeah, like I’m going to use trepid.