Quick Answer: What Does Recovery Mean To Me?

What does it mean to be in recovery?

What Being in Recovery Means.

When someone says they are “in Recovery,” they usually mean they are receiving treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction.

Recovery covers a lot of territory.

Many people use “Recovery” as synonymous with “in remission.”.

What are the five stages of recovery?

THE FIVE STAGES OF THE RECOVERY PROCESSIMPACT OF ILLNESS. The individual is overwhelmed by the disabling power of the illness. … LIFE IS LIMITED. The person has given in to the disabling power of the illness. … CHANGE IS POSSIBLE. … COMMITMENT TO CHANGE. … ACTION TO CHANGE.

What does recovery mean in AA?

Recovery. In AA, we agree that there is no cure for alcoholism. Once an alcoholic always an alcoholic means that we will never gain the ability to drink normally. However, we can recover.

What does it mean to surrender in recovery?

Surrender is defined as giving oneself over to something. When we think about this term in the context of active addiction, it’s clear that addiction forces us to surrender; when addiction is severe, we surrender our thoughts, our actions, our relationships, our personal fulfillment, our dreams and our successes.

What is the recovery model of care?

The recovery model aims to help people with mental illnesses and distress to look beyond mere survival and existence. [4,5,6] It encourages them to move forward and set new goals. It supports the view that they should get on with their lives, do things and develop relationships that give their lives meaning.

What are Recovery Principles?

Holistic: Recovery focuses on people’s entire lives, including mind, body, spirit and community. … Nonlinear: Recovery isn’t a step-by-step process but one based on continual growth, occasional setbacks and learning from experience. Strengths-based: Recovery builds on people’s strengths.