Quick Answer: What Does Despotism Mean?

What is military despotism?

A military dictatorship is a dictatorship in which military experts exert complete and substantial control over political authority, and the dictator is often a high-ranked military officer.

The reverse situation is to have civilian control of the military.

Occasionally, military dictatorship is called khakistocracy..

What does benevolent despot mean?

Enlightened despotism, also called benevolent despotism, form of government in the 18th century in which absolute monarchs pursued legal, social, and educational reforms inspired by the Enlightenment.

How do you use the word felicity?

Examples of felicityI congratulate him on his verbal felicities and on the tone with which he ended his speech. … He very often mistakes verbal felicities for verbal inspiration. … Make me immortal in that realm where happiness and transports, where joy and felicities combine…More items…•

What does sufferance mean?

patient endurance1 : patient endurance. 2 : pain, misery. 3 : consent or sanction implied by a lack of interference or failure to enforce a prohibition.

What is the meaning of virtuosity?

great technical skill1 : great technical skill (as in the practice of a fine art) 2 : a taste for or interest in virtu.

What is uncontrolled despotism?

noun Absolute power; authority unlimited and uncontrolled by constitutional restrictions, and depending only on the will of the prince: as, the despotism of Louis XIV. … noun Synonyms Despotism, Tyranny, Autocracy, Absolutism.

What do u mean by despotism?

Despotism (Greek: Δεσποτισμός, despotismós) is a form of government in which a single entity rules with absolute power. … Colloquially, the word despot applies pejoratively to those who use their power and authority to oppress their populace, subjects, or subordinates.

What does despotism mean in government?

1a : oppressive absolute (see absolute sense 2) power and authority exerted by government : rule by a despot an excess of law is despotism, from which free men revolt— S. B. Pettengill. b : oppressive or despotic exercise of power educational despotism.

How do you use despot in a sentence?

The crowd chanted’Down with the Despot ‘. The despot claimed to be the chosen instrument of divine providence. She rules her family like a real despot. He was seen as an enlightened despot pursuing liberal policies in the face of dogmatic reaction from priests and landlords.More items…•

What is the meaning of despotic antonyms?

despotical, authoritarian, dictatorial, tyrannical, tyrannic, autocratic. Antonyms: democratic.

What is a despotic leader?

De Hoogh and Den Hartog (2008) defined despotic leadership as a leader’s tendency to engage in authoritarian and dominant behavior in pursuit of self-interest, self-aggrandizement, and exploitation of their subordinates.

How do you use sycophant in a sentence?

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