Quick Answer: How Do You Use Gush In A Sentence?

Is burst into tears an idiom?


to begin to cry suddenly.

After the last notes of her song, the audience burst into tears, such was its beauty and tenderness.

The children burst into tears on hearing of the death of their dog..

What does notch mean?

notch. Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day for August 25, 2016 is: notch • \NAHTCH\ • noun. 1 a : a V-shaped indentation b : a slit made to serve as a record c : a rounded indentation cut into the pages of a book on the edge opposite the spine 2 : a deep close pass : gap 3 : degree, step.

What does effusively mean?

1 : marked by the expression of great or excessive emotion or enthusiasm effusive praise. 2 archaic : pouring freely.

What does gushing out mean?

gush (forth) out of (someone or something) To rush or flow out of someone or something in an uncontrolled manner. We had to turn around because water was gushing forth out of the fire hydrant at the end of the street.

How do you use burst in a sentence?

Burst sentence examplesTammy burst through the door and saw Lisa sitting on the counter. … After a slight hesitation the door burst open with a cracking blow. … He released a small burst of power into her. … They burst out of the light, landing hard. … With his hands to his face, he burst into tears, shocking us.More items…

What’s another word for gushing?

In this page you can discover 40 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for gushing, like: flowing, spouting, pouring out, emitting, enthusiastic, effusive, sentimental, (colloq.) effusive, ebullient, emotive and gooey.

What is another word for flow?

Some common synonyms of flow are arise, derive, emanate, issue, originate, proceed, rise, spring, and stem.

What kind of word is burst?

As a verb, burst is your go-to action word to describe something sudden and energetic happening. It usually means, “to explode outward, with noise” like if you burst into song in the middle of study hall, startling everyone.

How do you use the word gushing?

Gushing sentence examplesBlood was gushing from its leg as from a spring. … All round these salt lakes there are numerous springs, gushing from the sandy hillocks. … Thayers Dawn of Italian Independence (Boston, 1893) is gushing and not always accurate; C. … The champagne shouldn’t be gushing out of the bottle.More items…

What does gushing mean in text?

1 : to emit in a copious free flow. 2 : to say or write effusively. gush.

What does jut mean?

: to extend out, up, or forward : project mountains jutting into the sky a jutting jaw. transitive verb. : to cause to project. jut.

What is the opposite of Gush?

What is the opposite of gush?ebbsinkrecederetreatwithdrawflow back

What does unrestrainedly mean?

adjective. not restrained or controlled; uncontrolled or uncontrollable: the unrestrained birthrate in some countries. not constrained; spontaneous: unrestrained laughter.

What’s another word for Burst?

SYNONYMS FOR burst 1 crack, explode. 6 rend, tear. 10 spurt.

What does it mean to gush over something?

gush over (someone or something) To rush or flow over someone or something in an uncontrolled manner. The water from the fire hydrant gushed over the street, making it impossible to pass. 2. To speak about someone or something with great energy and enthusiasm.