Quick Answer: Can You Keep Playing Ghost Of Tsushima After Beating It?

Does ghost of Tsushima have multiple endings?

A story of the Bushido code and a samurai’s honor, Ghost of Tsushima has two major endings that reflect the game’s divisiveness between the two paths, but getting the “good” ending may not be as straightforward as fans might think..

Can you keep playing after beating ghost of Tsushima?

Continue Exploring Tsushima There are still a lot of things to do after beating the game. You can continue exploring the island of Tsushima, finding new locations, and collectibles to 100% the game.

What happens after you liberate all of Tsushima?

You can fully liberate a section of Tsushima by clearing out all Mongol camps and occupied farmsteads. Just look for red icons on your map. … When you fully liberate an area and defeat the Mongols occupying those locations, you’ll unlock a Ghost of Tsushima Trophy, and the fog of war will lift.

Can you kill all the Mongols in Ghost of Tsushima?

Killing the Khan doesn’t end the invasion — there are still Mongol encampments strewn all over Tsushima. … All of Jin’s sacrifices to save Tsushima will not be attributed to him or clan Sakai, but to the Ghost.

Can you kill Khotun Khan?

Unfortunately, Khan cannot be defeated during this duel. As he nears his final blows, a cutscene will begin and he will escape for his warship nearby.

Is Khotun Khan beatable?

While it may look like players can beat Khotun early on, the game actually forces players into a cutscene to progress the story. So, unfortunately, players can’t beat Khotun Khan during the first boss fight. Players will always be forced into the same cutscene at a certain point.

Who is the hardest boss in Ghost of Tsushima?

10 Hardest Bosses In Ghost Of Tsushima1 Lord Shimura. Progress through the entire game and you get to face your dear old uncle.2 Khotun Khan. … 3 Ryuzo. … 4 Lady Masako. … 5 General Bartu. … 6 General Temuge. … 7 Yasumasa. … 8 Spirit Of Yarikawa. … More items…•

Can you find Lord Shimura if you spare him?

If you Spare Lord Shimura, Jin tells his uncle that he has no honor but he won’t kill his family. Shimura warns Jin that the Ghost will be hunted forever, but Jin takes one final bow and walks off.

What is there to do after beating ghost of Tsushima?

Ghost of Tsushima: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game3 Increase The Difficulty.4 Clear Out All The Mongol Territories. … 5 Write All The Haiku. … 6 Max Out The Skill Tree. … 7 Side Quests. … 8 Bamboo Challenges. … 9 Hot Springs. … 10 Shrines. Two types of shrines populate the island of Tsushima; Shinto and Inari Shrines. … More items…•

Can you beat ghost of Tsushima?

These are purely combat challenges, but players have the option of using stealth or head to head combat to take them all down. Grab that Platinum- Those who want a real challenge can always try to 100% complete the game.

What happens if you spare Lord Shimura?

If you choose to spare Shimura, Jin will tell his uncle that he’s without honor, and that he will not kill a family member. … As Jin tells Shimura, he won’t kill a family member.

How many hours is Ghost of Tsushima?

20 hoursHow Long To Beat Ghost Of Tsushima. Based on our playtime, it can take roughly 20 hours to complete Ghost of Tsushima if you’re focusing strictly on clearing the main storyline.

Will there be DLC for Ghost of Tsushima?

Version 1.1. will be available on October 16, 2020. … In case you’ve been distracted by ::gestures to all of 2020::, we’re here to remind you that Sucker Punch Productions’ epic original title Ghost of Tsushima gets a free DLC update this Friday, October 16th with Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.