Question: Who Cusses The Most In BTS?

Who curse the most in BTS?

This one is probably the most iconic one, where Jimin says they are going to the beach but Taehyung thinks he is saying a curse word.

Taehyung is surprised because he thought Jimin was cursing, but really he was the one cursing!.

Who is the most extra in BTS?

Who’s The Most Extra BTS Member?Jimin. 2.2%Jin. 16.3%Jungkook. 31.5%V. 45.7%RapMon. 4.3%

Who got kicked out of BTS?

BTS star J-Hope was accidentally kicked in the head during their performance of Black Swan – not that we’d ever know it.

Is V from BTS color blind?

It was reported that Taehyung suffers from ‘monochromatic blindness’ meaning he could only see shades of gray and it’s like seeing the world through an old black and white television screen.

Why is V so quiet?

1)Yes, Taehyung has lost a few people who were really close in his life and that’s probably why he’s ‘quiet’. Being an idol doesn’t necessarily give you the time to grieve, so when he’s feeling sad he can’t just get up from an interview and leave.

Is Jungkook colorblind?

Cerebral achromatopsia. That is the medical term for what Jungkook has. It’s also known as color agnosia or simply just color blindness. Except what he has a little more intense, due to the fact that is related to him not having a soulmate.

Who is BTS v bestfriend?

During Bon Voyage Season 2 Episode 8, which took place in Hawaii, where BTS members had to write letters to each other. It was V’s letter to his best friend Jimin that turned out to be the most emotional. Read below to know what Taehyung wrote in his letter to ChimChim below.

Who changed the most in BTS?

Personally, I think the maknae line has changed the most. Taehyung and Jimin were barely 18, and Jungkook was only 16 when the debuted. We obviously see the physical changes (way to go, puberty!), but they have mentally as well.

Is BTS V single?

The one to have caught our eye is BTS member Kim Tae-Hyung, also known as V. Fans have been curious and very interested in knowing if V is dating anyone and his current relationship status. There have been many rumors sparked on his relationship status. … So as of now, V is single and can not be dating anyone so far.

Why does BTS have different mics?

Bts have different coloured mic’s. The blue mic is Rm’s,he chose that colour because he leads the other members calmly. The gold mic is Jimin’s because he works very hard to get what he wants. The green mic is V’s because he wants to avoid fight other people.

Who has the best jawline in BTS?

Who Has The Best Jawline In BTS ?Suga. 17.8%Tae tae/Jungkook. 27.9%Jin/Jhope. 15.5%Rapmon. 7.0%Jimin. 31.8%

Who is the most savage in BTS?

Who is the most Savage Member in BTS?Jungkook ( aka Golden Maknae) 6.7%Jin (aka Prince Jin) 13.3%V ( aka TaeTae ) 6.7%Suga (aka Motionless Min) 70.0%Rapmon (aka God of Destruction) 0.0%Jimin (aka ChimChim) 0.0%J Hope ( aka Your Hope) 3.3%