Question: What Is Treacherous In English?

What does cumbersome mean?

1 : unwieldy because of heaviness and bulk a cumbersome package.

2 : slow-moving : ponderous cumbersome administrative procedures.

3 dialect : burdensome, troublesome..

What is the meaning of treachery?

1 : violation of allegiance or of faith and confidence : treason. 2 : an act of perfidy or treason. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about treachery.

What is a synonym for treacherous?

Some common synonyms of treacherous are disloyal, faithless, false, perfidious, and traitorous.

What is a treacherous person?

Treacherous definitions The definition of treacherous is someone who is guilty of dishonesty or betrayal, or something that is dangerous or hazardous. An example of treacherous is someone you thought was your friend who shares your secrets with everyone.

What is the best synonym for treacherous?

treacheroustraitorous, disloyal, perfidious, faithless, unfaithful, duplicitous, false-hearted, deceitful, false, untrue, back-stabbing, double-crossing, double-dealing, two-faced, Janus-faced, untrustworthy, unreliable, undependable, fickle.apostate, renegade, subversive, seditious, rebellious, mutinous, breakaway.More items…

How do you use treacherous in a sentence?

Snow and ice have left many roads treacherous, and motorists are warned to drive slowly. He publicly left the party and denounced its treacherous leaders. The road becomes treacherous when it is iced up. The surface water made the road treacherous for drivers.More items…•

What part of speech is the word treacherous?

treacherouspart of speech:adjectiverelated words:deceitful, disloyal, infamous, shifty, two-facedWord CombinationsSubscriber feature About this featurederivations:treacherously (adv.), treacherousness (n.)2 more rows

What is a treacherous woman?

adj. 1 betraying or likely to betray faith or confidence. 2 unstable, unreliable, or dangerous.