Question: What Is The Meaning Of Monotonous Life?

What does humdrum mean?

dull, boring, and ordinaryEnglish Language Learners Definition of humdrum : not interesting : dull, boring, and ordinary.

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What is monotony in writing?

monotony in American English 1. sameness of tone or pitch, or continuance of the same tone without variation. 2. lack of variation or variety.

How do you overcome tedious work?

How to Get the Boring Tasks DoneThink of why you are doing the task and how good it will feel when it is done. … Do it mindfully. … Don’t think too much. … Make a deal with yourself and set a timer for 10 minutes. … Create a pleasurable distraction. … Reward yourself.

Is monotonous a negative word?

Monotonous: Definition and Meaning Monotonous also suggests something which has become predictable in nature because of its sameness. Typically, it has a negative connotation.

What does tedious mean?

: tiresome because of length or dullness : boring a tedious public ceremony.

How do you get rid of monotonous life?

Breaking the monotony: 3 things you can do today to make life feel less mundaneChange it up. As the age-old saying goes, a change is as a good as a holiday. … Make your commute enjoyable. Do you spend up to an hour commuting each day to get to and from work? … Book in something different this week.

How do you use the word tedious?

Tedious sentence examplesIt gets tedious, but I get a kick out of doing it that way. … The production of this is always a tedious task. … This method is very tedious in detail.More items…

What does musing mean?

Use the adjective musing to describe something that’s reflective or thoughtful, like a musing diary entry that explores the meaning of life. When you ponder or contemplate, you muse, and anything that appears this way can be described as musing.

How do you deal with monotony?

Fun solutionsListen to music. A lot of people say that music helps them concentrate better and get rid of the tension. … Play. … Try sports. … Plan other tasks in a timed interval schedule. … Maintain a healthy level of insanity. … Get more involved in your work. … Research a new idea that you can build on. … Make a change.More items…

What is genetic monotony?

The presence or transfer of same genetic pattern from one generation to other, it is called as Genetic Monotony. It is found in asexual mode of reproduction.

What does the word monotonous?

1 : uttered or sounded in one unvarying tone : marked by a sameness of pitch and intensity. 2 : tediously uniform or unvarying. Other Words from monotonous Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More about monotonous.

Can a person be monotonous?

All those things are monotonous: they don’t change much, and they’re dull as dishwater. Anything tedious or humdrum is probably monotonous. If someone says you’re being monotonous, try to vary your tone of voice or the things you’re talking about.

Does tedious mean boring?

If you describe something such as a job, task, or situation as tedious, you mean it is boring and frustrating.

What causes monotony?

Monotony is caused due to performing repetitive tasks. Monotony is caused even if the worker is not tired mentally and/or physically. For example, a worker watching a machine at work continuously and does not keep his mind fully occupied, experiences monotony.

How do you survive a repetitive job?

Set time limits for your tasks. This will keep you honest about your productivity and give the illusion of breaking up your day. After you’ve accomplished one task in a given time frame, race yourself and see if you can do it faster! This can offer some spice to boring and repetitive jobs.

What is another word for monotony?

In this page you can discover 37 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for monotony, like: likeness, similarity, redundancy, excitement, invariability, sameness, tediousness, continuity, continuance, oneness and identicalness.

How do you use the word monotony in a sentence?

She wanted to escape the monotony of her everyday life. The monotony of motorway driving causes many accidents. The monotony of his voice sent me to sleep. She watches television to relieve the monotony of everyday life. He suggested a card game to relieve the monotony of the journey.More items…•

How do I break my daily routine?

4 Ways to Break Routine and Keep Things FreshTurn off auto-pilot, and turn on awareness. One of the best ways to break routines is simply to recognize them. … Dream a little — and discuss. … Switch up the small things. … Get a little crazy! … Bonus: If you’re feeling adventurous, extend this free-spirited approach to the bedroom.

What is a monotonous relationship?

There are bouts of boredom and communication between you and your partner becomes less in terms of quality and consistency. There’s a reason why some relationships get monotonous. … When things become predictable in a relationship and you’ve developed a routine with your partner, that’s when monotony starts to develop.

What does diabolically mean?

Diabolical means “evil.” This is a strong word. … Diabolical is related to the Spanish word diablo, which means “devil.” In many religions and mythologies, you can’t get any more evil than a devil, so diabolical is a powerful term, stronger than even despicable, which is another strong word for things that are hateful.

What does break the monotony mean?

uncountable noun [oft N of n] The monotony of something is the fact that it never changes and is boring. A night on the town may help to break the monotony of the week. Synonyms: tedium, routine, boredom, dullness More Synonyms of monotony.