Question: Is Dexron VI Better Than Dexron III?

What is the difference between dexron 2 and dexron 3?

Dexron 3 is an improved version of Dexron 2.

= greater resistance to degradation, oxidation, and thermal stability.

In addition in my experience it performs slightly better on cold start up..

Is it bad to change transmission fluid on high mileage?

Changing the transmission fluid on a high-mileage car is risky. Don’t do it unless your transmission is running fine and the fluid is first-rate, because it can make transmission failure imminent.

What is the best dexron 3 transmission fluid?

Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF meets the requirements of several different manufacturers, including GM’s Dexron III and Ford’s Mercon V specs.

Is dexron 3 the same as mercon?

MERCON and DEXRON III are so similar that just about any fluid that meets one of the specs also meets the other. So any fluid that is MERCON/DEXRON III will work just fine.

What is dexron III used for?

ATF DEXRON III is recommended for many car and commercial vehicle automatic gearboxes. Furthermore, it is suitable for power steering and various manual gearboxes for which an ATF is specified.

How often should I change my transmission fluid?

Most manufacturers recommend replacing transmission fluid every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. If you tow, or do mostly city driving with constant changes of gears, it may be wise to change your ATF even more often. Here’s why. Your automatic transmission has a lot of moving parts.

Does dexron VI replace dexron III?

Dexron VI fully replaces Dexron III and prior evolutions of the Dexron fluids. GM manufactured the liquid for compatibility with transmissions requiring earlier versions of the fluid. Dexron VI works in any vehicle that requires ATF-A (the original automatic transmission fluid) or a Dexron variation.

Who makes the best dexron VI?

The 10 Best Transmission Fluids to Buy 2020ACDelco 10-9395 Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid.Castrol 03520C TRANSMAX DEX/MERC ATF.Genuine Ford Fluid XT-M5-QS Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid.Mobil 1 112980 Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid.Valvoline MaxLife Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid.Castrol 03518 Transmax ATF Green Transmission Fluid.More items…•

Is ATF 3 the same as dexron 3?

“ATF +3” is the same as “ATF TYPE III”? ATF+3 /ATF type 111 is a aftermarket fit all for the cry 5156 fluid. And should not be used where dexron 3 /mercon /dexron is required.

Can you use dexron 3?

4 Answers. Short answer for Transmissions, Yes. DEXRON®-VI licensed fluids are fully backward compatible and can be used in all applications covered by earlier GM ATF specifications.” All DEXRON-III licenses expired at the end of 2006, and will not be renewed.

Is it OK to mix different brands of ATF?

Is it OK to mix synthetic ATF with a conventional and/or synthetic blend ATF? Yes. Synthetic ATF and conventional fluids are 100 percent compatible with each other. Is MaxLife ATF compatible with other brands of automatic transmission fluid?

Are all dexron VI the same?

As far as the DEXRON-VI fluid is concerned the complete formulation has to be declared to GM in the approval application and no change is allowed from there on. The DEXRON-VI specification is so tight that there is really no discernible difference between licenced products.

Is dexron 3 the same as ATF 4?

ATF+4 has specific additives designed for specific Chrysler transmissions. … Dexron III is a standard conventional transmission fluid. Used in older Chevy transmissions.

What does dexron III mean?

1993 – DEXRON-III(F) The improvements in Dexron-III(F) include better friction stability, more high-temperature oxidation stability, and better material compatibility. Dexron-III(F) has the same low-temperature fluidity as Dexron-II(E), for better transmission performance in cold weather.

What is the best brand of transmission fluid?

Best Sellers in Transmission Fluids#1. … ACDelco 10-9395 Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid – 1 gal. … Lucas LUC10009 Transmission Fix 24 oz., Brown (Packaging May Vary) … Slippery Pete Fluid Pump for Gallon Bottles and Wide Mouth Quart Bottles – Transfer Gear Oil,… … Castrol 03520C TRANSMAX DEX/MERC ATF, 1 Gallon.More items…