Question: How Do You Use Foreground In A Sentence?

What is a foreground question?

Foreground questions ask for specific knowledge to inform clinical decisions.

These questions typically concern a specific patient or particular population.

They tend to be more specific and complex than background questions..

What is foreground and background color?

The foreground controls what color your brush or pencil will be, while the background color erases any added color and replaces it with the background color, which is white by default.

What is another name for background and foreground?

Foreground Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for foreground?foreforefrontfocusfrontagelimelightforecourtcenterUSleading edgefaceforepart12 more rows

What is foreground in a picture?

The area of the picture space nearest to the viewer, immediately behind the picture plane, is known as the foreground. An understanding of perspective developed in the early 15th century allowing painters to divide space behind the picture plane into foreground, middleground and background.

How do you describe foreground?

Definition of foreground1 : the part of a scene or representation that is nearest to and in front of the spectator Objects in the foreground seem larger than those in the background.2 : a position of prominence : forefront We want this issue to be in the foreground.More items…

What is the difference between foreground and background?

The foreground contains the applications the user is working on, and the background contains the applications that are behind the scenes, such as certain operating system functions, printing a document or accessing the network.

What is the difference between foreground middleground and background?

The foreground of a composition is the visual plane that appears closest to the viewer, while the background is the plane in a composition percieved furthest from the viewer. The middleground is the visual plane located between both the foreground and background.

What is foreground with example?

Foreground definitions The definition of foreground is the area that is closest to the viewer. A person posing in a picture in front of the Tower of London is an example of someone who is in the foreground. … The subject of an image, often depicted at the bottom in a two-dimensional work.

What is foreground interest and depth?

How is the foreground used? The foreground should contain some key point of interest, such as a human figure, a tree, a boat, some flowers, rocks, or anything else that is comparatively near to you. Composing in this way evokes depth, and gives your image the illusion of that missing third dimension.

What is foreground Midground and background?

In simple terms, the foreground is that part of the image that is closest to the camera. The background is the part of the image that is further away from the camera. So by default, the middle ground is that what is in the middle of the foreground and the background.

What are leading lines?

Leading lines are lines that appear in a photograph that have been framed and positioned by the photographer to draw the viewer’s eye towards a specific point of interest. These lines often draw the viewer’s eye in a specific direction or towards a designated portion of the photograph.

What does foreground service mean?

A foreground service performs some operation that is noticeable to the user. For example, an audio app would use a foreground service to play an audio track. Foreground services must display a Notification. Foreground services continue running even when the user isn’t interacting with the app.

What is foreground and background process?

Foreground and background processes. Processes that require a user to start them or to interact with them are called foreground processes. Processes that are run independently of a user are referred to as background processes. Programs and commands run as foreground processes by default.

What is another word for foreground?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for foreground, like: forefront, front, fore, prominence, immediate prospect, nearer view, proximity, propinquity, nearness, contiguity and adjacency.

How do you use a foreground?

Foreground elements should always assist your main subject and help the viewer to find a way into the picture. As such, you should define your background or main subject first. Then, you can spend some time looking for a fitting foreground which directs the viewer’s eye and adds depth to the photograph.