Is Marcelito Pomoy Catholic?

How does Marcelito Pomoy sing?

Marcelito is unique in that he can sing in both a male tenor voice and a female soprano voice.

Because of this, he’s able to perform popular male-female duets without a partner.

Not only does he sing both high and low parts, but he switches back and forth between them seamlessly..

How did Marcelito Pomoy do in AGT?

Filipino singer Marcelito Pomoy has already made a big impression on AGT: The Champions this season. Marcelito, who can sing in both male and female voices, was voted through to the semifinals by the superfans.

Is Marcelito Pomoy married?

Joan Paraisom. 2014Marcelito Pomoy/Spouse

Who beat Marcelito Pomoy in AGT?

V. UnbeatableUnbeatable Is Who Won ‘AGT: The Champions’ 2020 and Marcelito Pomoy Fans Are Freaking Out.

When did Marcelito Pomoy marry?

September 21, 2014 (Joan Paraiso)Marcelito Pomoy/Wedding dates

Where was Marcelito Pomoy born?

Bislig, PhilippinesMarcelito Pomoy/Place of birth

How much is Marcelito Pomoy worth?

Marcelito Pomoy net worth or net income is estimated to be between $1 Million – $5 Million dollars. He has made such amount of wealth from his primary career as Pop Singer.

How old is Marcelito?

36 years (September 22, 1984)Marcelito Pomoy/Age

What place is Marcelito Pomoy in AGT?

America’s Got Talent judge ‘shocked’ at Marcelito Pomoy’s 4th place finish. One of the judges of the “America’s Got Talent: The Champion” was “shocked” that Filipino singer Marcelito Pomoy finished fourth place on the reality talent show.

Has Celine Dion met Marcelito Pomoy?

MANILA – Marcelito Pomoy could not stop gushing about the time he personally met his ultimate idol, Grammy-winning singer Celine Dion, while he was in the United States.

Did Marcelito Pomoy win the AGT 2020?

‘AGT: The Champions’ Fan Vote Results Marcelito Pomoy wins, with over half of all votes for him. V. Unbeatable come second with 25% of the vote and Angelina Jordan making the top 3 with 15%. Congratulations Marcelito!

What happened Marcelito Pomoy?

Marcelito Pomoy Hospitalized After ‘America’s Got Talent: Champions’ [VIDEO] It’s been a week since Marcelito Pomoy was announced as the third runner-up on AGT: The Champions. … Over the weekend, Marcelito posted a video to his YouTube channel in which he visits the hospital for chest pains.

Who won AGT Champions 2020?

Brandon LeakeAnd the winner of America’s Got Talent 2020 is… Brandon Leake. The Stockton, California native blew away the competition and captivated millions with his emotional spoken word pieces throughout the series. And on Wednesday night’s final, he took the season 15 crown.

Is Marcelito Pomoy real?

Marcelito “Lito” Castro Pomoy (born September 22, 1984) is a Filipino singer, known for his ability to sing in both tenor and soprano. He is the grand winner of the second season of Pilipinas Got Talent. In 2019, he took part in America’s Got Talent: The Champions finishing fourth overall.

What will Marcelito Pomoy sing in the finals?

Marcelito Pomoy sang “Beauty and the Beast” for his final AGT: The Champions performance of season 2. Judge Simon Cowell called his song selection “safe.”