How Do You Get Promoted In 8 Ball Pool?

What is the cash for on 8 ball pool?

It can be used to acquire many functions within the game that may not ordinarily be available through use of Pool Coins, like certain cues – such as the Ice Cue – extra spins in Spin and Win, and certain Chat Packs.

Pool Cash can be purchased through real-life money, with offers costing up to free..

Who is the owner of 8 ball pool?

Miniclip8 Ball Pool is an online and mobile-based billiard-themed pool simulation sports game maintained and operated by Miniclip, a games company based in Switzerland, Portugal, Italy and England. As of June 2015, 8 Ball Pool was ranked number one of one-hundred in Miniclip’s Top 100 List.

What are the levels in 8 ball pool?

Prizes and levelsBrass League: 3500 pool coins; level 1-9.Bronze League: 15000 pool coins; level 10-14.Silver League: 50000 pool coins; level 15-19.Gold League: 50 pool cash; level 20-24.Platinum League: 75 pool cash; level 25-34.Amethyst League: 100 pool cash; level 35-44.Sapphire League: 125 pool cash; level 45-54.More items…

Can you restart your 8 ball pool account?

Account reset is no longer possible in 8 Ball Pool since December 2018. Miniclip believes that the level of players have to mirror the skills of each players. And players that invested time and effort to each account to progress and improve their skills should be proud of it.

What are the best cues in 8 ball pool?

10 Best Cues in 8 Ball Pool: Legendary Cues, Victory Cues and…Plasma Cue. … Shangri la Cue. … Atlantis Cue. … Firestorm Cue. … Valkyrie Cue. … Galaxy Cue. … Archangel Cue. The cue has 9 Force point, 9 Aim, 8 Spin, 8 Time as stats.Archon Cue. Archon cue with the full 10 point of Force stat with the combination of 9 Spin point is the best cue in 8 Ball pool game.More items…•

What is the max level in 8 ball pool?

level 150For the first time in a long time, we are raising the level cap in 8 Ball Pool. Yes, you will now be able to go beyond level 150… way beyond.

Are there hackers in 8 ball pool?

People who don’t have enough coins and cash to play the game smoothly can rely on different hack tools for 8 ball pool. There are many hack tools online that will assure you to generate unlimited coins and cash but most of them are scams. These are hackers who made traps for your personal information.

How do you get amethyst in 8 ball pool?

Amethyst League (LVL 35-44): 100 Cash Top Prize. Sapphire League (LVL 45-54): 125 Cash Top Prize. Emerald League (LVL 55-74): 150 Cash Top Prize. Ruby League (LVL 75-99): 175 Cash Top Prize.

What are the rules for playing 8 ball pool?

Eight Ball is a call shot game played with a cue ball and fifteen object balls, numbered 1 through 15. One player must pocket balls of the group numbered 1 through 7 (solid colors), while the other player has 9 thru 15 (stripes). THE PLAYER POCKETING HIS GROUP FIRST AND THEN LEGALLY POCKETING THE 8-BALL WINS THE GAME.

Which legendary cue is best?

Top Legendary Cue In 8 Ball Pool1.Plasma Cue. Plasma cue has eight Force, eight Aim, 7 Spin and eight Time stats making it one among the high-quality cues to possess within the game. … 2.Shangri la Cue. This cue has its facet upon different cues thanks to its pressure points. … 3.Atlantis Cue. … 4.Firestorm Cue. … 5.Valkyrie Cue. … Galaxy Cue.

How do you increase your rank on 8 ball pool?

In 8 Ball Pool we use three ways to rank players: experience points, levels and ranks. Here’s some detail on how those are calculated: Experience points (XP): you earn XP for every match you play both 1-on-1 and in Tournaments. You earn XP whether you win or lose, but winning earns you more XP than losing.

Is Miniclip pool rigged?

2) The game itself is rigged to encourage you to follow a boom and bust strategy, which explains why it always moves you from the tier you just played at to the highest one you can afford, so you will spend real money to buy more coins.

Why is 8 ball pool banned?

My 8 Ball Pool account was banned, help me, Miniclip! Your account was banned because it was associated with actions in breach of Miniclip’s Terms and Conditions.

Does lucky patcher work on 8ball pool?

Lucky Patcher Can’t be Used Any more to hack 8 ball pool, As 8 ball pool coins and cash is connected to real-time server so you can’t hack them. … Originally Answered: How do I patch 8 ball pool minuliclip using lucky patcher for cash and coins?

How can I hack 8 ball pool?

Your goal is to pocket the colored pool balls of your type while preventing the opponent from doing the same. After you pocket all seven of your pool balls, you need to pocket the eight ball (black ball) to win. Hence the name 8 ball pool hack. You must also pocket the black ball exactly into the pocket you choose.

What is the rarest cue in 8 ball pool?

8 Ball Poo -The Most RARE cue Ever!

What is the best pool stick?

Best Pool Cue Sticks On The MarketRankProductReview Score1Players D-JS White with Jester on Pool Balls and Dripping Card9.92Champion Sport White Spider Maple Pool Cue Stick9.83Players C-960 Classic Crimson Birds-Eye Maple9.84CUESOUL SOOCOO Series 58″ 2-Piece Maple9.56 more rows•Nov 12, 2020