The ungrateful girlfriend and her loving boyfriend

A girl was very proud of her boy friend, she always tell her friends how good her boy friend is.

On the day of her birthday, she invited all her friends including her boy friend who happends to be the special guest of honour.

Everybody brought their gifts to the girl and was waiting for the arrival of
the girl’s boyfriend who promised to bring a very nice gift for his girl.

As everybody was waiting, behold! The boy was coming with a gift which was inside a poly bag.

The girl was very happy at the arrival of her boy friend and was ready to
see the gift that he brought for her.

Do you know what happend?
The boy just opend the poly bag in front of all the guest’s and invitees.
And he brought out a loaf of bread.
And said to the girl; “take this bread, thats what i broght for you as your
birthday gift”

The girl got angry immediately and was highly disappointed at her boy

She grab the bread and threw it away with anger.

The boy friend also got disappointed and he rushed and pick up the bread.

He opend the bread in front of his girl friend, behold, there was a car key and an engagement ring inside the

When the girl noticed that, She began to beg, but then, it was too late for her.

Moral: always learn how to appreciate things, be it big or small.

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